Aloo Parathaఆలూ పరాటా గోధుమ పిండితో ! బాగా పొంగుతాయిAlu parata recipe-Aloo Parota-Dhaba style parota

22 ਮਾਰਚ 2021
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Aloo Paratha, whithout any side dish alone eatable, delicious.
when we are at hurry and no time to make curry or something as a side dish, aloo paratha is a perfect solution for a quick bite. Follow the instructions in this video to get your perfect and tasty parathas without tension. Just 2 main ingredients makes the dish finger lickable one. No need to get a doubt whether wheat flour can be used for Paratha or not, we can use it and get tasty parathas.
ఆలూ పరాటా గోధుమ పిండితో కూడా ఇలా తేలికైన పద్ధతిలో చేస్తే బాగా పొంగుతాయిPerfect Aloo Paratha recipe-Aloo parata

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